Vision Science | BSVS

The Bachelor of Science in Vision Science (BSVS) is an accelerated pathway for exceptional students to enter the doctor of optometry (OD) program prior to obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

Motivated students who have completed all required optometry prerequisites, 90 semester credits total, including at least 12 semester credits each of humanities and social sciences, may be admitted to the College of Optometry OD program and will be awarded the BSVS after completing all coursework in the first year OD curriculum in good academic standing. All course work must be completed with a grade of “C” or better to apply towards the BSVS prerequisites. They also must meet other general degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Visual Science.

Assistant Professor
Associate Professor & Associate Dean of Academic Programs
Assistant Professor/Director, EyeClinic Hillsboro
Associate Professor & Director, Pacific EyeClinic Beaverton
Assistant Professor & Director of Community Outreach
Clinical Professor, Associate Dean of Clinical Programs, Distinguished University Professor

If an applicant is admitted under the bachelor’s degree completion option, they will automatically earn credit towards a bachelor’s degree during their first year in the optometry program. At the end of the first year they will be awarded a bachelor of science in vision science degree from Pacific University and will complete the optometry program as any other student.