Explore Oregon



Experience beautiful nature, modern cities, good government, outstanding outdoor recreation and clean air and water in the State of Oregon. For more information please visit the Travel Oregon website.

The Cascades

...are famous for tall mountains, snowboarding, and huge forests of tall trees. There is lots of wildlife and there are many outdoor activities to participate in here.

The Ocean

...in Oregon is famous for its natural, clean coastline, whale-watching, and surfing. You won’t see many shops or houses. You will see wildlife, mountains, and sandy beaches.

The Valley

...is famous for cities, farms, and vineyards. Most of Oregon’s people live here. Pacific University is in this area. According to Money Magazine, Portland (near Pacific University) is the “Best Big City in America.”

The Economy

...in Oregon used to be famous for wood products and farming. Today, high-tech, education, and international trade are important. Large, local companies include Intel and Nike. There is no sales tax in Oregon.; this is very good for visitors (most states have about 7% sales tax)!

The Desert

...is famous for American Indians and “painted” hills. You can feel the old American West here.