Message from the Program Director

Pacific University’s College of Health Professions is dedicated to helping students become leaders in the dynamic field of healthcare.

The School of Healthcare Administration and Leadership has a 1-year bachelor of health science (BHS) program that has been designed for the working professional. If you have an associate’s degree or equivalent and have some experience in healthcare, this program will help you achieve your goals.

The BHS program uses distance technology to allow our working students the ability to balance their career, family and college. As a student, you will be prepared for career advancement in healthcare management; in hospitals, outpatient clinics, public health agencies and long-term care facilities.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS, 2012), Medical and Health Services Manager occupations are “expected to grow by 22 percent or 68,000 jobs from 2010-2020.” This is faster than other occupations. The BLS also reports that entry in to these professions is a bachelor’s degree, most often preferring a master’s degree.

For those interested in pursuing a master’s degree the Master's of Healthcare Administration (MHA) Program is the perfect next step. Obtaining your bachelor’s degree will provide you the opportunity to complete the undergraduate degree requirement for the MHA program.

The bachelor’s in health science will also provide you with a multitude of options. If you have clinical training and want to seek entrance in to other professional programs at Pacific University the BHS will open doors and will build the foundation you will need to succeed. Some students may need to complete additional math and science courses in order to apply to the clinical programs.

The following programs are available in the College of Health Professions within Pacific University and provide possible pathways for students with the appropriate healthcare experience and who complete the BHS:

Applicants interested in any clinical programs should contact those programs directly to determine specific prerequisites and admissions requirements.

BHS students develop an in-depth understanding of the healthcare field and enhance their analytical and critical thinking skills in a way that can only be strengthened through real-world application and experience. The BHS program is designed for those who seek to become innovative leaders in healthcare.

Katie Parker, MS
Interim Director, Bachelor of Health Science
Experiential Learning Coordinator (MHA & BHS)