Environmental Studies: Policy, Culture & Society

The environmental studies — policy, culture and society (PCS) major offers students an interdisciplinary curriculum to explore the political, social and cultural aspects of how human beings perceive and relate to the environment. Students who complete this major gain a deep understanding of their concentration area in economics, history, philosophy or politics and government, informed by a complementary study of environmental issues.


  • Explore an interdisciplinary core of courses in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities
  • Choose advanced study in a concentration, such as economics, history, philosophy, or politics and government
  • Complete a structured thesis process within the concentration area, supporting students’ professional-level investigations
  • Build an undergraduate foundation for further pursuit of fields such as environmental law or public policy


Students take an interdisciplinary core of courses in natural science, social science and humanities, along with advanced courses in a concentration area of their choice, including economics, history, philosophy or politics and government. Students complete the senior project/thesis process within their concentration area with readers in both the concentration area and the environmental studies major.  


Students who complete the policy, culture and society major have developed skills in problem-solving, leadership and communication. They are well-prepared for further studies or careers in public policy, politics and environmental law.

Department of Environmental Studies

Students with an interest in the natural science may also want to explore Pacific's majors in environmental biologyenvironmental chemistry and toxicology and sustainable design, as well as minors in environmental scienceenvironmental policy and sustainability.