French is spoken by approximately 200 million people in 50 countries across five continents, a broader geographic region than any other language but English. Students who major or minor in French not only learn the language, but also the rich traditions of French-speaking countries.


  • Enhance language classes with language-learning software offered through the Center for Languages and International Collaboration, Pacific's state-of-the-art language lab
  • Interact with a different native French-speaking language assistant from France each year
  • Live and go to school in an accredited program in a French or Francophone speaking country for at least one semester
  • Mentor students in a 100-level course and teach French to elementary school students while earning credits
  • Travel to France or other Francophone countries on our Winter term travel courses, (ex: Culinary Tour of France)
  • A French Major Fund Scholarship is awarded to students completing study abroad and upper-level French course criteria


Students will gain skills in all areas of the language — listening, speaking, reading and writing, plus exposure to the major literary, intellectual and historical trends of French culture. Language courses, topics related to modern issues in France, acquisition of a second language in American elementary schools, women’s writing, composition and conversation, pronunciation, and many other courses are also offered.


Students who major or minor in French at Pacific University develop a high level of proficiency in the language and the skills needed to pursue advanced study or enter the workforce in the United States or abroad. They are well-poised to work in a global community, where French is the official language of more than 30 countries and of many agencies, including NATO, INTERPOL and the United Nations. The language and culture of France also are beneficial to students interested in international business, politics, the medical field, and humanitarian organizations. Art, literature and culinary arts also benefit from understanding the rich traditions of French-speaking countries.

World Languages & Literatures

The French major is part of the World Languages & Literatures Department, which also offers majors and minors in GermanJapanese and Spanish, as well as a major in modern languages and a minor in Chinese.