Integrated Media

The integrated media program gives students the chance to become literate in a number of digital media contexts. From social to streaming media, students learn how to communicate with today's latest tools. The cornerstones of the integrated media major are using digital multimedia to tell compelling stories and using technology to engage with the world. Students study the principles and tools of interactive project design, development and distribution to create experiences that have the potential to reach global audiences.

Program Highlights

  • Access a digital media lab that includes graphic design, illustration, web design, and digital audio and video production hardware and software
  • Use high-definition video cameras and digital SLRs
  • Choose either a major (46 credits) or a minor (20 credits) in integrated media
  • Earn the only bachelor of arts in integrated media available in the Northwest
  • Complete an intensive year-long, self-designed senior capstone project
  • Study abroad in digital media production and studies at York St. John University in York, England
  • Work with the Media Arts Production Services (MAPS) to gain practical job experience and build a portfolio


The program emphasizes theoretical and social aspects of the media as well as the creative and technical components. The Department of Media Arts enables students to become creative media makers and critical thinkers. Students are encouraged to create media as self-expression to engage with the world around them, to foster inter-cultural and interdisciplinary dialog, and to reflect on social issues.

Internships with local media and communications outlets are also a key component of study. Examples include KATU-TV in Portland, Portland independent filmmakers, a National Guard newspaper and Voltage Pictures in Hollywood, producers of the academy award-winning film "The Hurt Locker." This broad-based approach allows graduates to gravitate to a variety of fields from television and newspapers to web design and marketing.


The successful integrated media student will be able to work both independently and in teams, learn on the fly, and develop professional practices in working with real clients on real projects.

The integrated media program strives to give students a solid foundation in the highly dynamic world of digital media design and production. While tools and technologies will continue to change, our students will be able to adapt and leverage technologies to deliver compelling digital strategies to any type of organization or endeavor, be it creative, commercial or personal.

Our graduates are web marketing developers and web designers, graphic designers and art directors, video producers, commercial photographers, and web application developers.

Department of Media Arts

The Department of Media Arts also offers programs in media artsfilm and video and journalism, as well as minors in communicationcommunication design, and film studies.