Modern Languages

The modern languages major offers students the flexibility to design a program of study that combines the study of at least two languages with other complementary upper-division courses. Modern language majors must study abroad for at least one semester in a country where their primary language of interest is spoken. Students choose a concentration in French, German, Japanese or Spanish, and also choose a secondary language of French, German, Japanese, Spanish or Chinese.


  • Develop a high level of proficiency in listening to, speaking, reading and writing two different languages
  • Spend at least one semester studying abroad and studying in the language of your concentration
  • Mentor students in beginning level language courses
  • Practice language skills with native-speaking language assistant who live on campus


Modern language students spend at least one semester outside the United States in a program offered in the language they are studying. Modern languages majors also spend at least one semester as a mentor in a beginning language class at the 101 or 102 level, in which students attend classes and meet with the professor to discuss the process of language instruction.


Students who complete the modern languages major at Pacific University have an enhanced global awareness and people skills that allow them to interact and thrive in a global community. They are fluent in two languages, as well as English, upon graduation. Our graduates work in international business and education.

World Languages & Literatures

The Chinese minor is part of the World Languages & Literatures Department, which also offers majors and minors in FrenchGermanJapanese and Spanish, as well as a minor in Chinese.