The photography minor at Pacific University is designed for non-art majors who are interested in a concentrated study of photography. Photography is taught as a participatory art medium, where instruction is minimal and students are encouraged to get maximum hands-on experience outside of the classroom.


  • Complete an Art Department minor with focus on a single medium
  • Complement any major or course of study
  • Spend time learning the history of art, the technical aspects of photography and practicing your craft
  • Participate in travel courses in British Columbia and Hawai’i


Students can choose to follow a number of structured classes, to do independent research and study, to apply for one of several photography internships, or to apply for collaborative research with faculty. Students also have the opportunity to participate in two travel classes, one in Vancouver, British Columbia, and one in Hawai’i.


Students who complete a minor in photography from Pacific University are prepared for a variety of careers, from photojournalism, to study and portrait photography, to photography for weddings, documentaries, sports, travel, product catalogs, books magazines and much more. They are versed in both traditional photography and digital photography. They also have developed self-esteem and creativity through their photography courses that serve them well in other professions. Our graduates work for Nike and Getty Images. They are wedding and portrait photographers, newspaper and magazine photographers, travel photographers, and fine artists.

Art Department

The Art Department at Pacific University also offers programs in studio art and art history.