For Participants

Students may be asked to participate in research for credit in their courses.  The Department of Psychology has standardized a form for participants in all classes. If you lose your Research Credit Sheet you may print off another from the link below, you should submit the entire form to your professor, rather than cutting off the different sections.  If you tamper with this form it will invalidate your participation. Research credits and requirements may vary by professor.

For Investigators

The National Institute of Health (NIH) requires all experimenters to subscribe to a specific, uniform set of protocol, including the completion of an online course for everyone intending to work with human participants (informed consent) or subjects (no informed consent). At the end of the course, you will be provided a certificate of completion that should be submitted to the director of the Department's Human Participant Pool (Currently Heide D. Island) your participant recruitment letter. This should discuss how the following information:

  1. The project title
  2. The project goal or the veiled project goal 
  3. How long the participants can expect to be involved in the project
  4. What kind of remuneration participants/subjects may receive (i.e. research credit, money, etc)
  5. Where and when data collection will take place
  6. A contact name, email and phone number