Curriculum | Gerontology

The Gerontology Program is designed to provide working professionals and other health professions students an opportunity to receive their certificate in gerontology simultaneously in an online environment.

  • Students take six courses for a total of 18 credits.
  • Curriculum culminates in a final capstone project that optimizes care and/or care environments for older adults
  • Courses build upon each other, thus students are expected to complete the curriculum in sequence
  • All courses are completed online, with no residential requirements
  • Class size limited to 20 students.

Gerontology Certificate

Fall Semester


Course Title

First Year Courses
Aug - Oct 

GERO-501: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Aging Research

Oct - Dec 

GERO-550: Aging Brain and Body*

Second Year Courses

Aug - Oct 

GERO-625: Health Disparity in Aging

Oct  - Dec 

GERO-650: Capstone Course: Creating Change*


Spring Semester


Course Title

Jan  - Mar

GERO-525: Health Literacy and Communication

Mar  - May

GERO-575: Dementia and Memory*

*Some courses may be longer to accommodate Spring and Thanksgiving breaks.