Student Information | MHA Program

Computer and Internet Resources

The Technology Information Center (TIC) has prepared an electronic resources guide for students getting started at Pacific University.

The MHA Program has published a guide detailing which computer requirements and skills are recommended for incoming students.

Learning Resources

Successful online students share their secrets for getting the most from online classes, focusing on time management, active participation, and practice.

Disability and Accommodation

The MHA program supports the provision of reasonable accommodations that allow students with disabilities to participate in the program. Any student who feels that he or she may need an accommodation should contact the Office of Accessibility & Accommodation (OAA) Services at 503-352-2194 to discuss specific needs.

Tobacco Free Campus

Pacific University’s College of Health Professions is further demonstrating its commitment to healthcare and its community by instituting a tobacco-free policy for its Hillsboro Campus. Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center, which operates a clinic on the Hillsboro Campus, is partnering with Pacific in the creation, implementation and enforcement of this policy.

The policy, prohibiting the use of all tobacco products in or around Pacific University’s Hillsboro campus, went into effect May 1, 2009. The policy applies to students, Pacific University and Virginia Garcia employees, visitors, patients and patient family members.