Housing Lottery FAQ | 2023

This page is to provide answers to some common questions the Housing Office receives during the Housing Lottery. Be sure to review the Housing Lottery webpages for more detailed information or visit our Virtual Office Hours.

What will the Housing Lottery process look like?

Watch the videos to understand how the two housing lottery steps work.

What do I need to do to make sure I am a successful participant in the Housing Lottery?

You need to follow two steps and be sure to meet all the published deadlines. If you are in a roommate group you are encouraged to create a list of your preferred rooms in advance of your room selection appointment for your group leader.

Why can’t I get my questions answered over email?

The number of inquiries we receive and the complex nature of most questions, make it more efficient and understandable to answer them in Virtual. We offer a variety of Virtual Office Hours to provide assistance to you through this process.

If I have a question about the Housing Lottery, can I talk to my RA or other Student Affairs staff?

Your RA or Student Affairs staff may be able to guide you to the Housing Lottery webpages that provide the answer to your question. We also offer a variety of Virtual Office Hours for help with questions, if you do not see the answer to your question on the Housing Lottery webpages.

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If I‘m currently studying abroad or live off campus, can I participate in the Housing Lottery?

Yes, you must let the Housing Office know prior to March 17, 2023 at 4 p.m., if possible (deadline to submit) that you want to participate so that an application can be released to you and then you need to meet all of the published deadlines. You can connect with the Housing Office by submitting a ticket using the Services Portal.

If I am going to be in my second year & I am able to select a unit with a full kitchen, do I have to have a full meal plan?

Yes, per the e-mail that was sent January 30, 2023, Meal Plan 1, 2, 3, or 4 will be required.

Is gender inclusive housing offered during the Housing Lottery?

Yes, Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) is an option during the Housing Lottery. GIH allows students of the same gender, opposite genders, or other gender identities to live together regardless of gender assigned at birth. Any returning students interested in applying for a GIH double-room or would like more information regarding the GIH room selection process, contact the Housing Office by submitting a ticket in the Services Portal prior to the Housing Lottery Application deadline of Friday, March 17, 2023f at 4 p.m.

How are the room selection appointments calculated?

A Housing Lottery ranking is assigned based on academic credits earned toward graduation at Pacific University. If more than one student has the same number of credits the software program will also factor in the date of a student's admission deposit to the university to determine the Housing Lottery ranking.

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Why isn’t priority for room selection given to those with a higher GPA, good student, good citizen, etc.?

The Housing Office uses academic credits earned for determining room selection appointments. The tiebreaker goes to the student with the earliest admission deposit date. Looking at other criteria is not deemed to be a fair determination for room selection.

What do I do if my room selection appointment is when I have class, work, game etc.?

If you are in a roommate group and another member of your group does not have a conflict with the appointment time, they could be designated as the group leader and make the room selection for the group. If you are not in a roommate group you just need to make sure you select a room prior to the end of the lottery you chose on your Housing Lottery Application (Lottery 1/Vandervelden Court or Lottery 2/all other residence halls). 

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What do I do if the roommate I wanted to live with did not enter the Housing Lottery?

Unfortunately, your preferred roommate is not eligible to participate if they did not submit a Housing Lottery application by the March 17 at 4 p.m. deadline. Rooms cannot be held for them. You would need to select a room without them. After the lottery concludes, check with the Housing Office by submitting a ticket in the Services Portal to find out your options to still be their roommate.

What do I do if I am in a roommate group and decide to leave it before a room has been selected? Do I get another room selection appointment?

To remove yourself from a roommate group, you would login to your Residence account to make the change. You may now use your individual room selection appointment and select as an individual or you may form a new roommate group and use the new group's earliest room selection appointment. The new selection time will automatically be issued to you, and you would find it by logging into your Residence account.

What happens if I’m in Lottery 1 – Vandervelden and I do not select a room?

You or your group will automatically be placed in Lottery 2 (Gilbert, Burlingham, McCormick, Cascade, Walter). The room selection appointment will still be determined by academic credits earned toward graduation at Pacific University.

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Can I change my room after I select it? What if I accidentally selected the wrong room?

Each individual or roommate group receives one room selection appointment. Once a room is selected no changes can be made during the Housing Lottery. If you did not get your preferred room, requests can be made through the Housing Wait List process. The Housing Office can assist you if you submit a ticket in the Services Portal. We offer a variety of Virtual Office Hours.

What do I do if I do not get the room I wanted during the Housing Lottery?

If you did not select one of your preferred rooms, you can complete a Housing Wait List request form. This will give you the opportunity to be considered for vacancies over the summer in the residence halls. The Housing Office can assist you. We offer a variety of Virtual Office Hours.

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Why aren’t groups given priority in selecting rooms over students selecting as an individual?

Students have a variety of preferences in regards to housing. Some have specific people in mind to live with and some do not. Some want kitchen units and some do not. Regardless of preferences, all students have a right to choose where they want to live during their designated room selection appointment which is determined by academic credits and not the number of people they choose or don’t choose to live with.

Why don’t sophomores get precedence in kitchen units since upperclassman can live off campus?

Housing is offered to all undergraduate students and the Housing Lottery is based on academic credits earned toward graduation at Pacific. Students that have more academic credits have earlier room selection appointments than students with less academic credits. All undergraduate students have the option to choose to live on-campus.

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Why do some returning students live on the south side in freshman housing?

There is actually no designated freshman housing. Returning students select their rooms first during the Housing Lottery and whatever remains when the Housing Lottery concludes is assigned to new incoming new students, which includes transfers.

Why don’t you build more units with kitchens?

We offer a variety of room types to meet a variety of individual needs.

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If I have an ADA accommodation, how do I get my room?

Students with ADA accommodations go through Housing Lottery as well. It is likely that you will find a room that meets your needs during your room selection appointment. However, if you select a room that does not meet your needs, contact the Office of Accessibility and Accommodation Services (OAA) prior to May 17, 2023 to inquire about options available to have your needs met.

I plan on studying abroad in the Fall, do I still need to participate in the Housing Lottery?

No, you do not have to participate in the Housing Lottery if you plan on studying abroad in the Fall. However, if you do not know if you have been accepted to study abroad before the Housing Lottery deadline, you can choose to still participate in the Housing Lottery. If you do participate and select a room and then cancel, you will be charged a cancelation fee according to the fee schedule (note - if you are notified by the Study Abroad Office after the Housing Lottery deadline and cancel your room, you will not be charged a cancelation fee). If you do not participate in the Housing Lottery and then determine you need a room, you can participate in a different housing process over the summer. Contact the Housing Office by submitting a ticket in the Services Portal for more information.

If the person I want to live with is going to study abroad Fall Term, how can I room with them when they return for Winter or Spring term?

The best way to try and make this work is to find someone to live with that may be graduating or studying abroad after the Fall Term. In November, the Housing Office reaches out to those studying abroad and asks if they want housing when they return to Pacific. They would then tell us who they want to live with. We cannot guarantee the assignment to the requested room/apartment but we do our best to make it work.

Can I live on-campus for the Fall only and then study abroad for the Winter or Spring Term?

Yes, if you are studying abroad through Pacific, you may check-out of housing after the Fall term ends per the terms in the Housing Contract.

I selected a room during the Housing Lottery, but I need to cancel it, what do I need to do?

If you selected an on-campus room for the 2023-24 academic year and decide that you need to cancel it, you must do so by notifying the Department of Housing in writing. Simply submit a ticket in the Services Portal and depending on the date it is received, your student account will be charged a cancelation fee.

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