Why Live on Campus

At Pacific University, undergraduate students are required to live on campus for two years (with a handful of exceptions). And for good reason! Check out a few of the benefits of living in the residence halls:

Meet new people. Your roommate, neighbors and fellow hall residents provide an instant community to build lifelong friendships. Just roam through the halls and chat with other students hanging out in the lounge or lobby. Need a dinner buddy? Want to try out a new campus club? No need to go it alone!

Participate in campus life. Check out movies, board games, cookware and more at your front desk. Play a pickup game of beach volleyball. Join a club. Campus life is all around you, 24/7! In addition to all the clubs and organizations on campus, Residence Hall Association also plans fun social events for your hall community. 

Built-in support systems. Resident advisors (RAs) and the professional residence life staff are here to help you as you transition to college life. Plus, the counseling center, health center and Campus Public Safety are all within a block of your residence hall.

Better grades. Research shows that students who live on campus perform better academically. Access to your faculty members, libraries, tutoring services and more make focusing on school easier. 

No commute. You don’t need a car. No worries about traffic and parking every morning! You can roll out of bed, hit the shower, and be in class in in just three minutes. Plus, downtown shops and restaurants are just a few blocks away.  

All-inclusive living. Room and board costs at Pacific include not only your housing and food, but also utilities like electricity and water that you’d pay for separately in an apartment. Rates won’t change mid-year, and no upfront first- and last-month payments are required. Plus you’ve got 24/7 security, high-speed internet, and maintenance on call.