Clark Hall

Constructed in 1966, Clark Hall is one of the historic residence halls on the Forest Grove Campus, named for pioneer and Pacific University founder Harvey Clark.

Clark Hall

Clark Hall is a traditional residence hall with gender specific floors. Clark is made up of single, double, and quad rooms, with gender specific community restrooms. This residence hall houses students that are 18 years old and older prior to the start of the Fall term.

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Amenities | Staffing and Safety  | Unit Furnishings

Unit Furnishings

  • extra long twin beds
  • built-in desks with desk chairs
  • built-in dressers
  • built-in shelves

Sample Double Room Layout

Not to scale.

Clark Room Layout



  • Main floor lounge with a pool table and foosball table.
  • Community study lounge.
  • Laundry ("Soap Box") room (machines are free).
  • Community kitchen with supplies available for checkout.
  • Games, movies, pool equipment, and cleaning supplies available to check out.
  • Keyless entry in building with Boxer Card.
  • Ethernet connection to the University’s Local Area Network (LAN) for each room occupant. Residents can connect to the Internet using the LAN or wireless connections.


Staffing and Safety

  • Clark Hall also elects a Hall Council at the beginning of the Fall term that acts as the voice of the hall in examining policy and sets money aside for programming, games, movies, and equipment available for residents to check out
  • All exterior door entries will be controlled by card access
  • Property patrolled by Campus Public Safety
  • A RA is on call from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Sunday–Thursday and 24 hours-a-day on weekends and holidays
  • Clark Hall is staffed by a full-time Area Coordinator (AC) and paraprofessional Resident Assistants (RA's)