Spring 2023 Room Change Period February 13-24

Spring Room Change Details


How to Apply for a Room Change

First: read our step-by-step Room Change Procedures (PDF) guide. This explains exactly what you need to do to pursue a room change.



We will be offering appointments to meet with students who are interested in pursuing a room change. To sign up, submit the Spring 2023 Room Change Interest form

  • Appointments made by Wednesday at 12 p.m. (noon) each week will generally be processed Wednesday afternoon by credit hours (highest to lowest), with enrollment deposit date as the tiebreaker.
  • If your room change involves people swapping rooms or more than one person wanting to move together, all must attend the meeting.
  • Review room rate information, age requirementsresidence halls, and other housing options in advance of your appointment.
  • Room availability and costs will be reviewed during your appointment.


Virtual Office Hours

Virtual Office Hours are not to be used for Room Change Appointments. However, they are available for students who have questions or need assistance through this process. Click here for the current virtual office hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you anticipate a friend who is a current student moving in with you during the room change period, you should let the Housing Office know by February 14 by noon. After that date, someone else may be assigned to the available bed.

The Housing Office will make assignments and give the current occupants of the room 48-hour notice.

1. What happens if I have a vacant bed in my room or my roommate moves out?

If you have or get a vacant bed in your room or unit, here are some options during the room change period:

  • You can have a friend request the vacancy by having them sign up for a Room Change meeting and request your room.
  • If you reside in a standard double in McCormick, Cascade, or Walter and you do not have a roommate or anticipate your roommate leaving, put in a ticket via the Housing & Dining Service Portal and let us know that you would like to buy-out your double-room as a single for the remainder of the academic year for an additional charge.

2. If my roommate moves out, can I pay extra, so I don’t get another roommate?

If you reside in a standard double in McCormick, Cascade or Walter, you can inquire via a ticket to Housing & Dining Service Portal about obtaining your room as a double/single at a higher room rate.

Please note: Once a roommate is assigned, the Housing Office is unable to offer the private room option.

3. If my roommate moves out, do I have to pay extra?

No, you do not have to pay extra for your room if your roommate moves out. However, students can be assigned to housing vacancies at any time during the academic year.

4. If I am approved to move to a unit with a full kitchen, can I cancel my meal plan?

Yes, the Housing office would work with you if you wish cancel your meal plan (Spring 2023). You will also have the option of requesting a voluntary meal plan.

5. What if my roommates and I want to do an internal room change?

If you want to do an internal room change, you will need to sign up for a Room Change meeting. Please note: One person can set up the appointment, but all members must attend.