National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

NRHH is a leadership-based honorary comprised of exemplary residential students strive to give back to the Pacific University residential community through recognition, and service. While voting members are selected each year, all residential students are invited to participate in NRHH events and activities.

"The National Residence Hall Honorary is the only nationwide organization that exclusively recognizes leaders in the residence halls; it is also considered the recognition branch of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH), Inc. The opportunity to have a chapter is a service of NACURH, Inc. designed to give local, regional and national recognition to students making outstanding contributions to their campus and residence halls. NACURH firmly believes in the value of student involvement in residence hall life through community service, community building, advocacy and educational programming." (

In 2013, Pacific University's NRHH Chapter won the Pacific Affiliate of Colleges and University Residence Halls NRHH Building Block of the Year Award. Read an excerpt (pdf) of this award-winning bid.

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NRHH Of-the-Month Award Database



2015-2016 NRHH Executive Board



Chairperson – John Miller

Year: Senior

Major(s): Exercise Science (Integrative Physiology), Music Performance

Hometown: Newberg, OR

Other Involvement: Resident Assistant for Walter 3rd floor

“I believe that the goal of NRHH is to promote, recognize, and encourage the growth of student leaders in a positive and friendly manner.”

Co-Chairperson- Thomas Adamson

Year: Junior

Major(s): Environmental Studies: Politics and Government

My favorite thing about Pacific is the faculty. You can tell they care about the wellbeing of their students both in and out of the classroom.

I chose to get involved with NRHH to develop my leadership skills and recognize outstanding groups and individuals at Pacific.

“Of the Month” Coordinator –

Janie Kiyokawa

Year: Sophomore

Major(s): Psychology

Favorite thing about Pacific: I enjoy the community at Pacific University the most, due to it being a smaller school, students are able to establish strong connections with many individuals and organizations on campus.

Why NRHH: I choose to become a part of NRHH, because I wanted to expand my leadership on campus and saw NRHH as the perfect opportunity to do that. Although this is my first year in this group I hold an executive board position which I am very grateful to have.

National Communications Coordinator – Jennifer Enserink

Year: Junior

Major(s): History

Hometown: Roseburg, OR

Favorite Part of Pacific: The small, welcoming community

Why NRHH: To get to know more people and be able to recognize people for all the great things they do!

Scribe – Sierra Smith

Year: Sophomore

Major(s): Public Health

I love how everyone is so welcoming and inviting, including the teachers.

I joined NRHH as a way to contribute to Pacific.

Budget Officer – Justin Hurworth

Year: Sophomore

Major(s):  Mathematics

Favorite thing: The atmosphere

Why NRHH: Volunteer opportunity and wanted to be a bigger part of the campus community.



Emily Sproul

Year: Sophomore

Major(s): Special Education; Communication Sciences and Disorders Minor

Hometown: Salem, OR

Other Involvement: Track Team, Pacific Christian Fellowship

Favorite Part of Pacific: The many opportunities to get involved on campus

Katie Lightcap

Year: Junior

Major(s): Biology

Hometown: Roseburg, OR

“My favorite parts of Pacific are the Outdoor Pursuits program and how friendly the people are.”

Why NRHH: “I joined because I really admire the positive outreach the club pursues through its involvement on campus.”

 “If I’m not laughing, I’m making bad jokes or running long distances”

Josie Kochendorfer

Year: Senior

Major(s): Psychology and Creative Writing

Other involvement: Resident Assistant, Undergraduate Representative on Pacific’s Board of Trustees

Favorite Part of Pacific: All the diverse ways to get involved, and the opportunities to thrive.

“NRHH itself is a great way to teach others about service and leadership, and another outlet for programming within the Residence Halls.”

Gina Ouellette

Year: Junior

Major(s): Chemistry

Hometown: Bothell, WA

Other Involvement: Dance Ensemble

Jordan McCreary

Major(s): Biology

Hometown: Honolulu, HI

Favorite part of Pacific: The small community atmosphere.

Why NRHH: To have the opportunity to recognize awesome people on campus.

Davinder Jhattu

Major(s): Biology

Hometown: Tualatin, OR

Favorite Part of Pacific: The passionate professors.

Other involvement: I am currently involved with choir and Pacific Christian Fellowship on campus.

Alyssa Tucker

Major(s): Public Health

Hometown: Fremont, CA

Other involvement: National Communications Coordinator of Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Jennifer Enserink

Year: Junior

Major(s): History

Hometown: Roseburg, OR

Favorite Part of Pacific: The small, welcoming community

Why NRHH: To get to know more people and be able to recognize people for all the great things they do!

Garrett Wedge


Year: Sophomore

Major: Public Health

Favorite thing: I really appreciate the ease with which students can become involved in groups on campus that have powerful impacts on the school and the local community.

Why NRHH: I chose NRHH because it provides an opportunity to meet other leaders on campus  and make a positive difference in the community.

Daniel Altamirano


Year: Sophomore

Major: Social Work

Favorite thing about Pacific: My favorite thing about Pacific are the numerous educational and extracurricular opportunities that are offered to all students. Despite the fact that we are a small university, there is something for everyone to try out!

Why chose NRHH: I chose to become a part of NRHH to allow myself to grow as a leader and to be part of an organization that cares for the residential students of our campus. Working with NRHH to bring recognition and service to our Pacific community is very rewarding and important to me.

Chascity-mae Alohi Sarmiento


Year: Sophomore

Major:  Social work

I love that pacific is a small community that is much like a family. No matter what you study, what you are involved in, where you come from, you can always find support at pacific whether that be friends, professors, or the faculty and staff. Once you're a boxer, you're always a boxer, and you will always be a part of the boxer ohana.

I choose to be in NRHH because I love being involved on campus and I value recognizing people on campus who have made a significant difference to the pacific community. There are so many people on campus that do a lot of great things and most of the time they go unrecognized. One of our goals as NRHH is to recognize the work people have done on campus through our boxer of the month awards.

Lewis Williams

Year: Senior

Majors: History and Philosophy

My favorite thing about Pacific University is the staff and students in and around the university.

I choose NRHH, because I wanted to continue helping out around campus for the duration of my time here. I wanted to assist an organization on campus that would directly help out the residents of Pacific University. I was in hall council the year prior and decided to continue helping out the community on campus through the assistance of NRHH in their programing and fundraisers. By assisting in the programing, I have found that I have made an investment toward the overall benefit of the campus community.

Dominick Post


Chloe Yap


Hannah Claussenius-Kalman


NRHH Advisor: Jared Beggs, Area Coordinator