Advising for Kinesiology Minors

Kinesiology offers a minor for those students wishing to gain specialization in the science of human movement. Given prerequisite sequences and frequency of offerings, student must begin work fairly early on and plan ahead.

Kinesiology Minor

KINES 100                        Kinesiology: Themes                                      1 credit

KINES 200                        Kinesiology: Techniques                                  1 credit

One of the following:

HBIO 110               Human Biology                                              4 credits

HBIO 230 & 231      Human Anatomy & Physiology (full year)           8 credits      

One of the following:

KINES 320              Biomechanics                                                4 credits

KINES 325              Exercise Physiology                                        4 credits

KINES 330              Perceptual Motor Learning                              4 credits

KINES 340              Psychosocial Issues in Kinesiology          4 credits

8 additional KINES credits (at least 2 must be upper-division, level 300+), which may include any courses not taken above. It is strongly recommended that students declare a minor advisor for consultation of elective coursework.

Total Credits: 18-22


  • KINES 100 should ideally be taken in year one (if not, please contact Kinesiology department for permission to take KINES 100 & 200 in year two).
  • KINES 200 should be taken in year two, as it is a prerequisite for several of the upper-division KINES courses
  • HBIO 230/231 is a Fall-Spring sequence, and is typically taken in year two.
  • KINES 215, 320, 325, 330, 340 are offered in both Fall and Spring semesters

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