Lead On: The Campaign for Tomorrow at Pacific University

Higher education can't — and won't — look the same in 10 years as it does today. But our goal at Pacific University has always been, and will always be, to change lives. To open minds and create possibilities, to enable careers and bright futures.


Founded by pioneers who traveled the Oregon Trail, the Pacific of today retains the heart and soul of those who were willing to take the lead and embark on a life-changing journey to their future. 

Pacific is on the crest of a positive wave. We are ready, and this is the bold move forward that our students, alumni, partners and community have been waiting for. With a strong vision of our future in place, we are solidly poised for groundbreaking accomplishment, growth, discovery and service — needing only the input of outside support to accelerate our movement forward.

Now is our time to Lead On.

Graph of November 2021 Lead On Campaign Total
Graph of November 2021 Lead On Campaign Priorities

We've raised $75.4 million of our $80 million goal! In the 2021-2022 fiscal year to date (July 1 - Oct. 31, 2021), we have raised $2.2 million. These funds were raised for our different campaign priorities: $34.9 million for our Investment for a Boundless Future, $30.9 million for the Pacific Promise: Endowment and $9.5 million for Learning Environments and Resources.


Red gift box with white polka dots on a bed of lights

There are many ways to support Pacific at the calendar year-end.

SAAC executive board members in the stands holding a "thank you" sign

The second annual Athletic Giving Days was a big success.

Jefferson Hall, home to the Pacific University College of Optometry, is getting an ongoing facelift — this time on the third floor.