Become a Boxer Giving Day Advocate

As Boxer Giving Day returns to Pacific University on May 1-2, you can make an impact by becoming an Advocate and encouraging your classmates, family and friends to support Boxer Giving Day.

Advocates leverage their social connections to generate more gifts through gift matches, challenges and personal pleas. As a Boxer Giving Day Advocate, you play a direct and important role in driving the campaign and reaching donors, and being a champion of Pacific University.

This year, Pacific has a brand-new platform for Boxer Giving Day, making spreading the word easy, fun and rewarding. You can help other donors’ gifts go further, add your own story to the campaign, and even track how many clicks, gifts and dollars your outreach is driving in real time.

To become an Advocate, visit and click ‘Sign Up’ at the top right of the page. Simply signing up for a user account doesn’t make you an Advocate, though — to be an Advocate, you must take active steps to inspire others to make gifts.

Once you’ve signed up for, and logged into, your account, you can use the Advocate tools to inspire others to get involved with the campaign.

Being an Advocate means taking one — or better yet, all! — of the following steps:

Consider your own gift!

Great advocates lead by example, and you can leverage your gift to encourage others to give. You can make an outright gift via the ‘Give Now’ button, and you can also inspire others to make gifts by offering Matches and Challenges. Offering a Match means you’ll give a number of dollars for each dollar or donor that the campaign receives, up to your specified maximum gift amount. You can restrict Matches to only apply to donors from an affiliation group, class year, or even a specific group of friends. Offering a Challenge means that you’ll give a gift only if the campaign receives a certain number of donors or dollars after you set up the Challenge. Challenges cannot be restricted to specific donor groups.

Share the campaign link.

The built-in sharing buttons (located underneath the campaign video and on the Advocates tab) generate a campaign link that is unique to you. When you use these buttons to share the campaign link while logged into your account, the number of clicks, gifts and dollars generated by your personal outreach will be tracked next to your name on the Advocates tab. Share on Facebook and Twitter to blast your friends’ feeds with news about Boxer Giving Day, and share over text and email to make direct, can’t-ignore, peer-to-peer asks. Share early and share often!

Create a Personal Plea.

A Personal Plea is a quick video in which you tell the Pacific community why you’re excited about Boxer Giving Day, and why others should get involved. Shooting a short “un-selfie” video on your cell phone is all you need to do to add your story to the campaign! After recording your video, head to the Advocates tab on the campaign page to upload your Personal Plea.