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24-Hour Study Center

Use policy:

  • The 24-Hour Study Center is for the use of only current Pacific University faculty, staff, and students.
  • The Study Center is designated as a Quiet Study Area. Please take this into consideration since the rooms are not soundproof.
  • Patrons are expected to behave in a respectful and courteous manner.
  • Please keep all conversations brief and quiet. Please take any extended conversations or cell phone calls outside.
  • If the activities of specific individuals or groups become intrusive, please contact the Circulation Department and/or Campus Public Safety at x2230
  • Please report malfunctioning equipment to help@pacificu.edu or contact the Circulation Department


Only certified service animals are permitted in the Library.

Mobile Devices

Cell phones should be turned off or muted when in the Library. If you need to use your cell phone, please go outside. Headphones are required while listening to music. Please check to make sure the volume is turned down as a courtesy to those around you.


Patrons are expected to behave in a respectful and courteous manner. Loud noises and chatty groups are discouraged. If patrons are bothered by specific individuals or groups, please notify the Circulation staff and the situation will be resolved.

Food and Beverages

This policy applies to all areas of the Pacific University Library, including (but not limited to) the 24-hour Study Center and Library Classroom.

Food Policy :

  • Snacks and beverages are allowed in the Library.
  • Beverages must be in closed containers.
  • Patrons should be considerate and clean up after themselves.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited. The Library complies with Pacific University's alcohol policy.
  • Please be considerate of others. Noisy, greasy or aromatic food (pizza, nachos, potato chips, etc.) is prohibited as it can distract others and damage Library resources.
  • Food cannot be delivered to the Library.
  • The Library reserves the right to ask patrons to eat elsewhere.



Group Study Rooms/Collaborative Learning Centers

Use Policy :

  • The Group Study Rooms/Collaborative Learning Centers are for the use of current Pacific University faculty, staff and students only.
    • The group study rooms on the second floor are available on a first-come first-served basis and are not available for reservation.
    • There are priorities for access to the group study rooms.
      • Those who need the equipment will have first priority.
      • Groups have priority over individuals.
      • The group study rooms are not meant for class meetings.
      • Patrons are welcome to ask for assistance from Circulation staff if needed.
    • Please keep voices down since the rooms are not soundproof.
    • Users of the group study rooms will be asked to be considerate and limit their time to two hours if demand is high.
    • Patrons are responsible for leaving their study areas clean.
    • Please keep voides down since the rooms are not soundproof.
    • This room is not intended to be a meeting facility for regularly scheduled classes.
    • Users should never leave their belongings unattended in the rooms.
    • The Library staff reserves the right to make exceptions as needed.

In-Library Computer/Internet Acceptable Use Policy

    More information is available on the In-Library Computer/Internet Acceptable Use Policy (pdf) page.

    Library Classroom

    • The Library Classroom is available for faculty, staff and student use when not reserved for a Library instruction class. Faculty: to schedule an instructional session with a librarian for your class, please email Lynda Irons via email at lrirons@pacificu.edu.
    • The Library Classroom schedule will be posted daily outside each entrance to the Classroom.
    • As per Pacific University Policy, appropriate use of the Library Classroom is for Library resources-related instructional activities only.

    To reserve the Library Classroom for a Library resources-related instruction session or for any other purpose, please email schedule@pacificu.edu.

    Please include:

    • Date
    • Time
    • Instructor's name
    • Name of event

    The Pacific University scheduling office is the final authority on all appropriate usage of the Library Classroom.


    There are 24 lockers available to patrons for day-use only, and they will be emptied nightly.

    Items remaining in the locker at the end of the day will be removed from the lockers and taken to the PIC to be claimed by the patron. The lock and key will be put back in circulation.

    The following conditions will be agreed to by the patron. He or she will sign a form of agreement which will be kept in place of the lock and key in the circulation area.

    • Library books stored in the lockers must be checked out.
    • Non-circulating Library material cannot be kept in lockers.
    • Nonperishable foods are allowed.
    • The Library reserves the right to check the lockers at anytime to insure compliance with established procedures for the use of there lockers. If the contents of the locker are found to be in non-compliance, the contents of the locker will be removed and delivered to the PIC.
    • Lockers will be emptied at the end of each workday (closing varies), and contents given to the Pacific Information Center (PIC).
    • The Library assumes no responsibility for any lost or stolen items.
    • A $10 fine will be levied against the responsible patron if the lock or key are lost or disabled.

    Lost and found

    Any items left behind in the Library will be collected in a Lost and Found box that is at the Circulation Desk. Each Friday, items from the box are taken to the Pacific Information Center (PIC) in the University Center and can be retrieved there.

    Materials Availability

    Information regarding the availability of the Library's resources can be found at the materials website.