Add Your Work

Adding your work to CommonKnowledge

CommonKnowledge is the online home of the collected works of Pacific University faculty, staff and students, enabling both the Pacific community and online visitors to explore the range and quality of work that is created here.

If you have articles, posters, presentations, videos, data, images - any work that you would like to ensure is broadly disseminated (it doesn't have to be published elsewhere to be included)- CommonKnowledge is the place.

You can submit work yourself using the Submit Research link on the CommonKnowledge homepage, or you can send your work to Isaac Gilman ( to post.

What articles can be posted in CommonKnowledge?

There are four ways that your articles can be posted in CommonKnowledge:


*Final Publisher's PDF

If the copyright agreement that you signed with the journal publisher allows you to post a copy of the published version of your article in your institution's repository, this is the most preferable version to use.

*Post-print Version

This is YOUR copy of the manuscript (usually in Word format), after it has gone through the peer review process and has been revised for publication. The only difference from the publisher's PDF is that the graphics and layout of the journal haven't been applied to your article yet.

IF you're concerned about how a post-print will appear - don't be! We can help clean up the formatting, and will place all proper notices on the document so that readers can find the final published copy if they so desire.

*Link to Publisher's Website

If you published in an open access journal, and the publisher would prefer that we link directly to their site, instead of uploading our own copy of the article, we can do that.

*Link to Library Subscriptions

If you published in a journal that is not open access, we can still upload the citation information and abstract from your article and then create a link to our Library resources - so that if we subscribe to the journal, Pacific University members will be able to download your article on campus.

How can I tell what version my publisher will allow me to post?

You can consult the copyright transfer agreement you signed with the journal - it should tell you what rights you obtained.

If you don't have access to the agreement, use the website to find out about your publisher's/journal's policy.

Or, if you like, simply contact Isaac Gilman ( and he can find out for you!