Author's Rights

Do you want to be able to share your work with anyone you like?

Do you want to be able to use your own articles in coursepacks without paying fees to the publisher?

Do you want your research and writing to have the greatest impact and reach the broadest readership possible?

If so, you need to advocate for your rights as an author!

Copyright Transfer Agreements

When you publish an article, you are required to sign a copyright transfer agreement, granting the publisher/journal certain rights in the use of your work. However, you don't have to accept the terms of the agreement as written!

If you believe that you should be receiving greater rights in the use of your own article(s), you can request changes to the copyright transfer agreement. These changes usually include things like the ability to post a copy of your article in your instition's repository (like CommonKnowledge), or the ability to share copies of your work with whomever you like outside of your institution.

If you would like greater rights to use articles you have already published, you can also request them from the publisher after the fact (the worst they can do is say no!).

If you would like more information on how to advocate for your rights, contact Isaac Gilman ( ) or visit these sites:

SPARC (The Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition) Author Addendum

Science Commons Copyright Addendum Generator