ComIndex Online

The ComIndex database contains bibliographic information for journal articles published in the primary professional literature of the communication(s) field.

The literature included in this database is restricted to first line scholarship published in academic journals that serve the communication discipline. The database is comprehensive.

CIOS ComIndex database includes all regular articles published in every issue of the journals covered (coverage information). Only book reviews and editorial notes are excluded.

ComIndex differs from ComAbstracts in that (1) ComAbstracts searches include not only article titles but also article abstracts, (2) ComAbstracts includes advanced search features (e.g., search by journal), (3) ComAbstracts includes high-level classification of articles by topical focus using a controlled dictionary of specific relevance to the communication field, and (4) ComAbstracts is updated continually while ComIndex is updated annually.

CIOS (Communication Institute for Online Scholarship)
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