Boxer Apps


Boxer Apps are Pacific’s implementation of Google Apps for Education suite. This service allows the Pacific community to access popular Google applications, such as Google Docs, Blogger and YouTube, with their Pacific University accounts. Furthermore, because these services are connected to University accounts, faculty, staff, and students can easily use Google Apps to share materials and collaborate online with others in the Pacific community.

Accessing Boxer Apps

For more information, on the Boxer Apps, log in with your PUNetID and Password.

Alternatively, you can simply navigate to the Google Service you wish to access and log in with your credentials. There is just one catch when you do this - you will need to add after your PUNetID.

Google Services Currently Available on Boxer Apps

Google Apps for Education only includes a subset of Google Apps including Docs, Sites and Drive. However Pacific has added other application from the Google suite of services to this basic list including Blogger and YouTube. The current list of applications that Pacific has access to includes the following.

  • Sites
  • Drive and Docs
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Chat
  • YouTube
  • Blogger


The current list of tutorials on how to use some of the Boxer Apps that Pacific has access to includes the following:

We will be adding more services to this list in the coming months, so check back here to see these changes.

Further Help

We will be holding a number of workshops that introduce Boxer Apps to the campus and aid in migration. For a full list of upcoming workshops, please visit our Workshops page.

Google also maintains extensive library of help documents and tutorials for these service.  There are tutorials for from Google:

If you have questions about how to integrate Google Apps for Education into your teaching, please contact the Center for Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation. If you are having technical difficulties with Google Apps, please contact the Technology Information Center.

Questions or Comments

Any questions comments or concerns should be directed to Al Weiss at or 503-352-1417.