Adding an Announcement

In order to inform all of the students enrolled in your class of something, you can add an announcement onto Moodle. This will do three things for you and your students. It will send an e-mail to everyone in the class, appear on the side bar of your class page, and it will show up in the "News Forum" of your class page. Each Moodle Course shell has a "News Forum" by default. Announcements are created by making posts in that forum.

1. Open your class page and select “News forum,” which is always located on the top of the page.

2. Choose to “Add a new topic.”

3. Fill out the information with the subject and body of the announcement that you would like to send to your class (use formatting options on the top shelf of the message field).

4. You can also add an attachment file (like a pdf of a course Syllabus) and email the announcement right away to all students enrolled in the course.

5. When it looks how you want it to look, select “Post to Forum.”

6. Once you have posted your announcement, you have thirty minutes to make changes to it.

7. The announcement will be sent out in an e-mail to all of the students enrolled in the class. Additionally, it can also be seen in two places on your site:

a) when you first open the News Forum

b) on the right-hand side of the class page in the "Latest news" block: