Adding an URL Link

1. In the upper right hand corner, click the Turn editing on button.


2. To locate where to add your link, click on Add a resource and select the URL option.



3. In the new window, provide a name for the link. Descriptions for the link are optional


4. Under "Content" copy and paste the link into the External URL section


5. Once you are done attaching the link, scroll down and click on Save and return to course.


Note: When adding the link to the course site, you can adjust the window settings on how the link is displayed

  • Automatic: Moodle decides how to display the link out of the different options.
  • Embed: The link will appear in the Moodle site
  • New Window: The link will appear in a new window
  • Open: The link will open in the same window and display automatically
  • Pop Up: The link will appear in its own pop up window