Embedding YouTube Videos

Moodle allows you to embed a video housed on an external video-sharing site, like YouTube, anywhere you have Content editing block.


We recommend using Page resource for embedding videos as it saves space on your course front page and makes it less cluttered.

1. First, you have to get the embedding code for the video on YouTube site. Navigate to a video you would like to embed on YouTube site and (1.) find and click on Share option; (2.) next find and click on Embed option; (3.) look below the code box and make sure "Show suggested videos when video finishes" is un-checked; (4.) copy the code inside the box.



2. Once you copy the code from YouTube site, navigate back to your Moodle course site and make sure your editing is turned on.


3. Navigate to the section where you would like your video to be embedded, click + Add an activity or resource and select Page.


4. In Content editing block click on HTML button on the "editing tools shelf."



5. It will open up a new pop-up window. Paste the code you copied from YouTube code in that window and click Update.



6. Your video will be previewed in Content editor. Click Save and display in order preview it on the page.