Grading Assignments

Viewing and grading submitted assignments

1. When students have submitted their assignments, the teacher can access the grades under the settings menu.

2. This takes them to the assignment where they click View/grade all submissions under the "Grading Summary" to view and grade the work:

3. When students upload their assignments you have to download the students' files to view them — in screenshot below.

4. A grade can be entered by clicking on the icon. This will take you to the submission status page where you scroll down to enter a grade and feedback can be written in the text box then click to save changes.


5. With the Advanced Uploading of files assignment, you have the option to re-upload their file with your comments from the "Feedback Files" section:


6. With the Online text assignment, you grade and add feeedback in the same way you would for a file submission assignment.


Quick grading assignments

You may prefer to use "quick grading" by checking the box at the bottom of the submissions page. This enables you to quickly grade multiple assignments all on one page, rather than one by one in a new window. Simply add the grades and comments then when you're done, click "Save all quick grading changes."


  • When quick grading is off, the screen looks like this:


  • When quick grading is on, the screen looks like this:


NOTE: to return "Feedback Files" back to students after quick grading select student's name first then select "Send Feedback Files" from "With Selected..." pull-down menu located below class list: