Page Navigation

Every course shell in Moodle has default main areas that allow you to navigate between Moodle, your courses and within a specific course (1. navigation block), house course content (2. course content), and add features and useability to your course (3. customizable blocks).

Note: when the blank shell is created for you, the course content is divided into sections by weeks, that can be changed into topics.

Navigation within the course can be done a number of ways:

  • Through Current Course in Navigation block (1. current course navigation)
  • Through bread crumbs navigation above content area (2. breadcrumb navigation)


Scrolling down you course page will reveal several more blocks on the left and right sides. In order to reduce scrolling, you can hide these navigation blocks by selecting the horizontal line (-) next to the block title or selecting the two-column icon next to it.


One of the most important blocks for your course shell is Settings block. It is located on the lower left under Navigation block. Settings block houses most of the tools for editing and managing your course and your students.