Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus is a custom browser that creates a secure testing environment by locking down all windows and preventing access to all applications on the computer used for assessment. When Respondus is used, students are locked in this secure mode until they submit their test for grading. At Pacific University Respondus is integrated with Moodle. If your instructor is using Respondus LockDown Browser for testing you will be asked to download it prior to the assessment. The link to download will be automatically provided with the assessment in Moodle on your course site or you can use one provided on this page. Once you download the LockDown Browser, you can use it for any course that requires it for testing.

Useful Downloads:

How to install LockDown Browser:

1. Login to Moodle and navigate to your course.
2. If the test or quiz requires the LockDown Browser a message will be displayed when you click on the test/quiz link. Click on Download.

3.The "Download" link will take you to external site where you will have a choice of selecting an operating system you are using (i.e. Mac or Windows).

4. Once you select your operating system, you will be led through step-by-step download and installation process:

How to use LockDown Browser:

1. After the LockDown Browser is installed on your computer you will have to open it and connect to Moodle through it every time you take a test or a quiz requiring the secure environment:

2.The LockDown Browser will notify you if there are any applications running on your computer that interfere with the browser and you will be asked to quit out of them:

3. After the LockDown Browser opens up, proceed to login to Moodle as you normally would do, take your test or quiz, submit it and then close the LockDown Browser.