Pacific University Buildings

Marsh Memorial Hall


Marsh Hall was built in 1895 and named after Pacific's first president, Sidney Harper Marsh. In 1975 a fire gutted 75 percent of the building. Marsh Hall was restored with the utmost care.




Herrick Hall


Herrick Hall was built in 1884 and named after Pacific's second president, Rev. John R. Herrick. In 1907 fire destroyed the building. A second Herrick hall was built and also burned on January 2, 1973. The second building was razed because of age.


Old College Hall


Old College Hall (pictured with 1892 alumni and invited guests)
Built in the 1860s, Old College Hall is the oldest building west of the Mississippi still used for educational purposes. It achieved national historical site status in 1978. Old College Hall now serves as the home of the Pacific University Museum.


Knight Hall


Knight Hall was annexed in 1944 and named after Board of Trustee member Frank L. Knight.
Knight Hall housed the School of Music until the Music Department was moved to the newly completed Taylor-Meade Performing Arts Center. It currently houses Admissions offices and Vera the ghost.



Bates House


Bates House was built in 1923 and named after Dr. Henry Liberty Bates, the last principal of Tualatin Academy. Originally built to house Pacific University's presidents, it now houses offices for the Dean of Students, the Humanities Division and the English Department.