In order to support the University’s emphasis on discovery through research, teaching and learning, all resources of creative, intellectual or historical value at Pacific University should be easily discoverable, openly accessible, and persistently available both to those who created them and to those who may benefit from their use.


The Local Collections and Publication Services team (LCPS) is dedicated to increasing the discoverability of, and access to, Pacific University’s unique, locally held, or locally created materials. LCPS coordinates the ongoing collection and dissemination of the creative and scholarly works of the University community, ensuring that these assets will be available to support teaching, learning, and research activities across the University as well as within the global community. LCPS also guarantees enduring access to resources of intellectual and historical value through the strategic stewardship of archival collections. In addition, LCPS provides services to support the digital publication of faculty and student journals and monographs. All materials and publications will be made available in the environment best suited for the nature of their content and for discoverability.



  • Target efficiency through partnerships and collaboration.
  • Collaboration within the University community is vital to identifying materials of value and the most appropriate ways for these materials to be disseminated. Collaboration both within and outside of our community will create efficiencies by leveraging shared strengths and resources.


  • Materials and services to support access are available to the widest audience possible.
  • Access to materials must be equitable to allow the widest audience possible to benefit from use of our collections and publications. Technologies and services must be selected and developed with the goal of creating enduring and open access to our resources.


  • Material in any format will be preserved for future use.
  • It is not enough to provide discoverability and access. Materials in all formats must be preserved so that their visibility and use will persist over time.


  • LCPS will remain flexible in its structure to adapt to future, unknown needs.
  • Sustainable practices require both planning and flexibility in order to adapt to future, unknown needs. Ongoing maintenance of services and accessibility of resources depends on strategic planning to ensure that costs, time and energies are expended most efficiently and that policies and workflows are well documented.