Reserving Meeting or Event Space in Residence Halls

The University views the entire residence hall, including lounges and kitchens, as home to those who live there. Preference is given to the residents and Residence Life staff of a given building as a space for them to study, spend time together, and conduct hall programming and events. For these reasons, the use of residential spaces for individuals, departments and organizations not affiliated with Residence Life for meetings or events is considered on a very limited basis.

Registered users may submit requests to use residence hall space for meetings and events via the University's Room Scheduling site. All requests for space from individuals outside of the University should work with Conference and Event Support Services.

The following is a list of considerations that may result in a reservation denial:

  • Reservations during certain times of the year, such as finals
  • Requests that utilize popular residential spaces too often
  • Non-students requesting residential space
  • Space is requested for a recurring weekly meeting
  • Requests for spaces that are not on the reservations list
  • Requests that may result in a disturbance of those living in the hall

Reservation agreement and terms of use

Once you have been granted approval to use a residential space for a meeting or event, you and your guests are expected to adhere to the following guidelines. Failure to uphold these expectations may result in fines, conduct action, and/or denial of future use of residential spaces.


It is your responsibility to monitor security for your meeting or event. If you are having Campus Public Safety unlock any doors, you must not leave the space unattended without having the doors locked back up. Guests should access only the reserved space and the nearest bathroom; they should not be entering any other part of the building.

Quiet Hours

Each residence hall is primarily a residential facility for students to sleep and study. It is important to remember when planning your event that residence halls feature specific quiet hours. As such, all events must conclude (including cleanup and breakdown) by 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday nights and 11:59 p.m. Friday and Saturday nights. Please also note that all guests are bound to a courtesy noise policy that is in effect at all times; under this, guests must anticipate when noise may affect others, reduce it as necessary, and respond respectfully to any request to adjust noise levels.

Walls, Furniture, and Cleanup

Please only use blue masking tape (painter’s tape) if you post anything on the walls. At the conclusion of the event, please remove all items that are the property of the sponsoring organization and ensure no personal items are left behind. Dispose of trash in the appropriate trash or recycling bins. Return all furniture to its original setup. Organizations that leave excessive trash or belongings, damage floors, furniture or other equipment may incur fines and/or forfeit their privilege of reserving a residence hall space in the future.

Residence Hall Policies

All guests of your event must comply with policies outlined in the Residence Hall Handbook. The following is a very brief overview of some important policies.

  • Alcohol: may not be served in any lounge spaces
  • Pets: are not allowed in residence halls. Exceptions only for service animals and companion animals (approved by the Director of Housing).
  • Propping doors: it is prohibited to prop an exterior door, such as to allow entry by those who do not have Boxer Card access. If you are in an enclosed space that has an exterior door, you may ask Campus Public Safety to unlock the door for the duration of your event, as long as the door will be monitored by you for the entirety of the time it is unlocked.
  • Sales and solicitation: it is prohibited to engage in commercial enterprises, sales, or solicitations in campus housing
  • Sports, sporting equipment and physical activities: It is prohibited to throw objects, use sporting equipment, or engage in physical games within campus housing. 

If you have any specific questions about the residence hall space you have reserved or of these expectations, please contact the Department of Residence Life at