Off-Campus Resources | Sexual Assault

The following are a few of the local Off Campus resources for those who have had an unwanted sexual experience

  • Sexual Assault Resource Center’s (SARC) 24 hour crisis line 503-640-5311: SARC provides 24 hour support, advocacy, referral information, crisis counseling, and information. They also provide hospital advocacy within Washington and Multnomah Counties. Their services are confidential and advocates can help you determine the best option for you.
  • Police Department 911 or 503-629-0111 (non-emergency dispatch for all of Washington County): If you are injured and need police assistance, you can call 911. If it is a non-emergency situation and you decide you would like to file a report with the police about the unwanted sexual experience, you can call the non-emergency dispatch number. The legal process can be lengthy and difficult, so you may find that you need additional emotional support during this process.
  • Hospital (Providence Saint Vincent’s Hospital 9205 SW Barnes Road Portland (off Hwy 26) 503-216-1234): You may consider going to the hospital for a few reasons: If you decide you would either like to press legal charges or if you have been injured and need medical attention. Saint Vincent’s Hospital is the closest emergency room that is staffed with a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, who is specially trained to provide care and evidence collection for victims of sexual assault. You can receive medical attention and choose to have evidence collected if you wish. You can also choose to have evidence collected but not given to the police until you decide if you would like to pursue legal charges. Also, you can request to have an advocate with you.