On-Campus Resources | Sexual Assault

Confidential Resources

The following are the only university resources that can provide completely confidential assistance to you. This means that without your informed and written permission, no one outside of these agencies will know about the incident.

Campus Wellness Coordinator  503-352-CARE ext. 2273: The Wellness Coordinator is a University staff member who is specially trained to provide confidential support, advocacy and assistance in clarifying your options and in assisting you in utilizing your on-campus and off-campus resources. The Wellness Coordinator will work with you at your comfort level to figure out what options are best for you.

Student Counseling Center 503-352-2191: You can utilize services at the counseling center for as few or as many sessions as you like. Therapists can provide you with confidential support to process and heal from this event, help you discuss options and provide referrals to other services.

Student Health Center 503-352-2269: You can make an appointment with the Student Health Center for help with emergency contraception, STD screening and other health concerns relating to the unwanted sexual experience. They also provide referrals to other on-campus and off-campus services as needed. Services are completely confidential.

Additional Resources

The following University resources will support your privacy, but cannot guarantee confidentiality amongst the university staff and faculty.

Dean of Students: 503-352-2212 | Associate Dean of Undergraduate Students: 503-352-2120 | Associate Dean of Graduate and Professional Students: 503-352-2109: If the person who is responsible is a student, faculty, or staff member and you would like to make a report to the University, you can contact either the Dean of Students or the Associate Dean of Students and either a formal or an informal hearing process will begin. The Dean of Students or the Associate Dean of Students may talk to staff in Residence Life, faculty or other departments as deemed appropriate. Please see the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy for more information.

Campus Public Safety (503-352-2230): You can report the incident to any Campus Public Safety officer, regardless of if it happened on campus or not. You have several options as to how much information you give to the CPS officers. You can give them both your name and the suspect’s name, your name but not the suspect’s name, or the suspect’s name but not yours: in all of these situations, CPS will give the report to the Associate Dean and Dean of Students, as they do with all incidents involving students. The final option is making a completely anonymous report, where you do not give them your name or the suspect’s. In this situation, CPS would use the information for data collection for the Annual Safety Report but for no other purpose. They will also give you referral information for on-campus and off-campus resources. CPS officers may talk to staff in other departments as deemed appropriate.

Area Coordinator: If you live in one of the residence halls, you can talk to either your Resident Assistant (RA) or the Area Coordinator (AC) in your building. They will help you figure out your resources, determine if you want to file an informal or formal report with the University and discuss with you your options for housing if you do not feel safe in your room. RAs are required to tell the AC about the incident and so the information will be disclosed within Residence Life/Student Life as deemed appropriate.

Anonymous Sexual Misconduct Report Form: If you wish to submit information about sexual misconduct anonymously, more information on how to do so can be found on the sexual misconduct anonymous report form (pdf). Inquires about this process can be directed to the Campus Wellness Coordinator at 503-352-2273.