Life Management

Are things in your life feeling out of control? Does it seem like there are not enough hours in the day and you are constantly overwhelmed? Are the relaxation exercises not enough? You may need to look more closely into how your life is balanced.

When we talk about life management we mean, literally, how you manage your life. Is there good balance between social, academic, and spiritual? Or do you feel like your priorities might be out of alignment? Sometimes it is needful to re-examine what you are doing to achieve balance.

This is a difficult task — most people are reluctant to pursue change. We are convinced that we can have it all and do it all — nevermind that we are miserable while we do it! It's hard to ask for help, but help is out there. Talking to someone about what's bothering you really can help.

The Student Counseling Center is free for students, and offers a confidential space for you to work on making changes in your life to achieve better balance. Counseling is not just for mental illness; it's for a wide range of student concerns, especially stress! Make an appointment today to start feeling better. Call 503-352-2191.