Committees | Undergraduate Student Senate


The Communications Committee oversees promotions, advertising, publicity, web pages, and other methods of letting the campus community know about events going on on-campus. From sports games to student-led activities, concerts and free pasta, we’ll let you know! This committee is also responsible for all things technology: EMS, digital signage, and BoxerMobile.

Campus Betterment

We meet at least once a month, maybe once every other week, to discuss feedback from students. Sometimes students come to the meeting to present initiatives to the committee. We discuss ideas on how to improve campus and help connect students or organizations to appropriate departments to successfully implement solutions.


The Finance Committee is an integral part of Senate and its operations as we help decide how our budget is spent, and how money is allocated to all of the different sections of campus, throughout the year. As a member of the Finance Committee you will help make decisions on Co-Curricular Fund requests, Speaker fund requests and others. We are unique in the sense that our meetings and forums will happen over email. However, with this email based communication, it is essential we are all participating and all sharing our opinions when it comes to decision time. Welcome to the Finance Committee.


Core Executive Committee: get together outside of the monthly Core meeting to decide what support clubs need, and figure out ways to help them. These Core meetings will be leadership building sessions. If you have a passion for building up other leaders and becoming a better leader yourself, please email the chair of the Leadership committee to discuss further what this would entail.