Apply for the MAT General Education Program

Step One | Complete the School of Learning & Teaching Application

Step Two | Submit the following items:


  • Highlight your experience with children and youth

All official college transcripts

Letters of evaluation/recommendation

  • Three letters for graduate programs


  • On an educational issue or topic of your choice

Arbor Program MAT (only) candidates submit two essays:

  1. Describe a situation in which you faced a series of hurdles in the solution of a problem, in learning a new skill set, or in encountering a new domain. What was it about you as a learner that played a role in the way you handled yourself?

Choose ONE of the following:

  • Cast your mind back to your own elementary school years. Choose a series of moments, memories, classrooms, friends, teachers (in and out of school) and create a written collage that conveys the essential ideas and questions that continue to influence your thinking about teaching and learning.  OR
  • Write three profiles of children, one from your K-8 years, one from your experiences working with children, and one of your own choosing. In each profile include your own reactions to the child at the time. What did you think then and how did you respond? In addition, what were the reactions of peers and adults at the time? Finally, what do you think now? Draw some conclusions from these profiles that reveal your thinking about the way in which school served these children.

Step Three | Submit Application Fee

  • The fee is $35
  • Fee is waived for current Pacific University Students and Arbor Program applicants

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