Curriculum | Master of Arts in Teaching - Special Education

Section SPED Initial License MAT Credit Hrs
EDUC-604 Advanced Educational Psychology, Development, & Learning 4
SPED-535 Integrated Curriculum Methods-Functional 3
SPED-542 Assistive Technology 1
SPED-536 Transition 1
SPED-541 Technology for Teacher Productivity 1
SPED-517 Case Management 1
SPED-550 SPED Practicum  (90 hrs ) 1
SPED-505 Exceptionalities 2
SPED-500 Foundations of Special Education 2
EDUC-600-1 Learning Communities 1
SPED-541 Assessment in Special Education 3
SPED-530 Integrated Curriculum Methods-Academic 3
SPED-510 Behavior Management for Special Educators 3
SPED-576 Seminar 2
SPED-518 Collaboration in Schools 1
EDUC-602 Teacher as Researcher I 1
SPED-575 Student Teaching (EdTPA) 8
EDUC-620 Language Acquisition in Children 2
EDUC-561 Teacher as Researcher II (TIP) 1
EDUC-600-2 Learning Communities 1
EDUC-600-3 Learning Communities 1
ESOL-560 Foundations of ESOL Methods 2
Total Credits 45

* Indicates a Eugene-only course that replaces one or more courses.