June Residencies | Master of Fine Arts in Writing

The June residency takes place on the Pacific University campus in Forest Grove, Oregon. It begins the semester that runs from June to December. 

About the Pacific University Campus

Founded in 1849, Pacific University is located in downtown Forest Grove, Oregon. The campus contains 20 major buildings in a picturesque setting of green lawns and tall shade trees. Birdwatchers flock to the campus to observe the relict population of acorn woodpeckers that inhabits the large stand of Oregon white oaks, and students stroll across verdant grounds offering views of the Pacific Coast Range.

Architecture on the campus is an attractive blend of old and new, represented at one end of the spectrum by historic Old College Hall (1850), the first permanent structure of Pacific University, and at the other by Cascade Hall (2014), a LEED-certified residence hall.

A comprehensive teaching institution composed of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Optometry, Education and Health Professions, Pacific provides students with a close-knit environment and challenging opportunities designed to foster excellence in undergraduate and graduate education in the liberal arts tradition.

Geographically, Pacific University offers students the best of many worlds. Surrounded by the rich and productive farmlands of the Tualatin Valley, Forest Grove offers urban amenities in a striking rural setting. The University is a 45-minute drive from the Pacific Ocean or from the heart of Portland, a vibrant metropolitan area.

Travel and Accommodations

Forest Grove is approximately an hour by car from the Portland Airport. Students can take a Pacific contract bus from the Portland Airport to Forest Grove or catch the Light Rail MAX LINE from PDX to Hillsboro and then a short shuttle ride to campus.

Students stay in apartments on Pacific's campus in Burlingham Hall and Gilbert Hall, both state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly and recognized green buildings that are the first of their kind on the West Coast.


The June residency includes a formal ceremony for students who are graduating in June and for those who have graduated in the previous January. Friends and family of graduates are invited to attend commencement and the celebration afterward. 

June Residency Dates

The next summer residency is scheduled for June 16-26, 2022.

Old College Hall, one of the oldest educational buildings in the West.