Learning Outcomes | Media Arts

After Pacific | Graduates of the media arts program work in journalism, public relations, corporate and institutional communications and marketing. They are print and broadcast journalists, digital media video producers, web developers, public relations professionals, creative directors, nonprofit staffers, sports information directors and book editors.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Developing graduates who are capable of understanding communication, expression, and storytelling in a media, organizational, interpersonal and social context.
  • Providing students with an understanding of the history, social and cultural roles of media in society, both through courses specifically focused on these topics and by incorporating these themes into other, production-oriented courses.
  • Developing in students an aesthetic understanding of media production and technical proficiency in areas such as video and visual production, writing and digital media development.

Program Purpose

The media arts department enables students to become creative media makers and critical thinkers. Students are encouraged to create media as self-expression to engage with the world around them, to foster inter-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue; and to reflect on social issues.