What to Bring when Living On-Campus

In an effort to be sustainable and to be comfortable in your room, you are encouraged to bring a minimal amount of personal items and to connect with your roommate to determine which items may be shared. Refer to the list below for what not to bring.

Suggested items to bring



Bed Linens (XL Twin)**


Bluetooth Speaker

Command Hooks + Strips


Debit Card

Desk Supplies

Fabric Softener/Dryer Sheets 


First Aid Kit 

Hand Sanitizer



Identification documents needed to secure employment

Insurance Card

Kitchen Utensils/Dishes + Sponge

Lawn chair

Laundry Bag

Laundry Detergent

Mattress Pad

Multipurpose Cleaner/Clorox Wipes 

Personal Medication



Refrigerator w/capacity ≤ 4.4 cubic feet

Reusable Water Bottle

Shower Caddy

Shower Shoes/Flipflops

Surge Protector (UL Approved) + Extension Cord 




Trash Can

Wall Decorations

**It is recommended that you bring two sets of sheets and two sets of towels.

NOTE: If you are in a unit with a full kitchen and/or a private bathroom you will need to supply necessary items. Such as cookware, flatware, dishes, etc., toilet paper, plunger, cleaning supplies, hand soap, shower curtain, etc.



What not to bring

  • air conditioners
  • airsoft guns
  • unapproved animals or pets
  • barbecue grills, propane, starter fluid
  • beer bongs, or other rapid consumption devices for alcohol 
  • blow torches
  • bread makers*
  • candles with burnt, unclipped wicks
  • dartboards with metal-tipped darts
  • explosives/fireworks
  • firearms and/or ammunition
  • illicit drugs and/or drug paraphernalia
  • hazardous chemicals
  • halogen lights
  • heaters not provided by the University
  • hot plates
  • hover boards
  • knives defined or displayed as weapons (includes blades greater than 4”; culinary knives are allowed)
  • microwaves+
  • large appliances (freezer, dishwasher, dryer) and/or refrigerators with capacity greater than 4 cubic feet*
  • toasters/toaster ovens*
  • toilet bowl cleaners that sit or hang in tank or bowl, as they damage toilets
  • paintball guns
  • subwoofer speakers
  • waterbeds
  • weapons, including ornamental weapons and those for martial arts
  • wipes (including those labeled as “flushable”) may be possessed, but not flushed in University toilets 

*Item is permitted in Apartment Kitchens (Burlingham, Gilbert, Vandervelden); Refrigerators 4 cubic feet or less are permitted in all rooms, however a mat must be placed under refrigerators in carpeted areas.

+Microwaves: Residents of Burlingham, Gilbert, or Vandervelden are allowed to have microwaves as long as the microwave is kept on a table.