Career Paths and Prospects | Vision Science (MS)

Vision science is foundational for the profession of optometry and also permeates many other fields. The MSVS program provides advanced education in vision science to prepare students for career success in health care, academic and industrial settings. Students will be equipped to be professional vision scientists through enhanced education on knowledge of the visual system and solid training on designing, conducting, and evaluating vision research.

Following the completion of the program, graduates will find themselves well-prepared to take on career paths such as:

  • Teaching and/or research in an academic setting, particularly those who wish to pursue higher degrees in the field of vision science
  • Acting as a consultant or research advocate for clinic research
  • Working in the industry to develop or evaluate new products, clinic tools, or ergonomic devices (e.g., contact lens, optical lens, clinical measuring equipment, etc.)
  • Working with the electronic display companies or the entertainment industry to develop visual display devices, design visual stimuli and graphics, create video games or visual learning materials, create an effective and comfortable viewing environment, etc.
  • Working in government sectors, particularly in the development of public health and occupational policies or regulations regarding vision in the workplace and quality of life