MSVS Proposal Exam

All MS students need to take a Thesis Proposal Examination on a proposal for an original research project, ideally before or during the third term of their MS study. In the proposal, students specify their research questions and include adequate literature background to support their hypotheses and the need for research. Alternatively, students may submit a proposal for a comprehensive and in-depth topical review thesis upon approval by the VSG Program. The student will deliver the proposal to the Program Director and the Thesis Committee members no less than two weeks before the Thesis Proposal Exam. MS Students passing the proposal exam are moved to the MS candidacy and are allowed to submit their thesis proposal to the IRB for review and approval.

The written thesis is based on original scholarly research, either as original empirical research or an in-depth topic review. It must contribute new knowledge to the scientific community and be suitable for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Presentation of the project at local and national meetings is strongly encouraged.