Scope of the Study | Vision Science (MS)

The MSVS program is designed for a two-year study. Degree requirements include satisfactory coursework, completion of an original thesis project, and successful presenting and defending the thesis to the committee.

In light of the rich background in vision science, students currently matriculated at Pacific University may be able to pursue both doctor of optometry (OD) and MS degrees concurrently. Students already receiving an OD degree from an ACOE (Accreditation Council on Optometric Education) accredited program may complete the degree requirements in one year (three semesters) of study.

Vision science is a broad and vibrant field that consists of multiple disciplines of basic, clinic, and applied research. It covers an array of research fields in optometry, biology, physics, physiology, psychology, engineering, healthcare, ophthalmology, cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, etc. The need for new knowledge and up-to-date skills in  vision science is excellent, and opportunities for teaching and research in academic, clinic, and industrial settings are blooming.

The Master of Science in Vision Science (MSVS) program at Pacific University College of Optometry prepares students for career success through four areas: comprehensive advanced knowledge in the broad field of vision science, close interaction with faculty mentors on specific fields of interest, solid training on vision research methodology, and hands-on experiences of completing an original study on a specific topic of vision research.

The MSVS program offers the student a wide variety of specialty areas within vision science and prepares students for career success in academic research or application in the ophthalmic industry.