Faculty Senate Members 2020-2021

Leigh Schaid | Faculty Senate Chair
Marcus Welsh | Faculty Senate Chair-elect

Faculty Senate Members

College of Optometry Senate Members

James Kundart | Senate member
Hannah Shinoda | Senate member


Library Senate Members

Rachel Arkoosh | Senate member

College of Business Senate Members

Zhuoming Peng | Senate Member

College of Health Professions Senate Members

Claudia Chenoweth | Senate Member
Sarah Jane Faro | Senate Member
Sarah Foidel | Senate Member
Samantha Lewis | Senate Member
Brent Norris | Senate Member
Brandon Nuziale | Senate Member
Leigh Schaid | Senate Member, Faculty Senate Chair
Halley Read | CHP Designated Substitute
Jenelle Shanley | Senate Member


College of Education Senate Members

Mark Bailey | Senate Member
Amanda Stead | Senate Member


College of Arts & Sciences Senate Members

James Butler | Senate Member
Stacey Halpern | Senate Member
Brian Jackson | Senate Member
Rachel Jensen | Senate Member
Brent Johnson | Senate Member
Rebecca Schoon | Senate Member
Paul Snell | CAS Designated Substitute
Marcus Welsh | Senate Member, Chair-elect

Faculty Senate Support Staff

Kim Greenwood | Executive Assistant to University Governance

2020-2021 New Senator Packet

Faculty Senate FAQs
2020-2021 Faculty Senate and University Governance Meeting Dates
2020-2021 Faculty Senate Roster
Frequently Used Procedures Document including links to Robert’s Rules of Order online