Moving Expenses

We understand how stressful moving to a new home can be, but Pacific would like to help you make this process as simple as possible.

Moving Companies supported by Pacific

University policy requires that you submit a report of your moving expenses to the Business Office, along with original receipts, within six weeks of arriving on campus.

Payment for personal services may not be reimbursed (IRS regulations require Pacific University to report payment to individual).

Payment for other services should be made by debit or credit card to avoid conflicts for reimbursement. 

The University will reimburse mileage for personal vehicles at the approved IRS rate. However, a portion of this may be taxable.

Gasoline receipts are acceptable for rental vehicles only.

Some or all of these moving expenses may be taxable compensation as regulated by the IRS.


General policy questions, IRS or tax-related qualified and non-qualified moving expenses contact Tedd Livengood, Payroll Manager, Human Resources at 503-352-2901 or email

General policy questions and the process to submit expenses for reimbursement contact Nancy Connolly, Accounts Payable Manager, Business Office at 503-352-2177 or email

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