CAS | Arts & Humanities Resources

The School of Arts & Humanities provides resources to assist faculty with submitting required annual documents and updating personal information.

SAH Annual Document Submissions

Curriculum Vitae Please use this naming convention: Smith, A._CV_2017

Syllabi, including FYS Courses Please use this naming convention: F17.ENG 100-02.Smith

Faculty/Staff Accomplishments

Student Accomplishments (to be completed by faculty or staff only)

Senior Capstone Document Submissions

Advisors and Students: Please upload Senior Capstone documents here using this naming convention:
Term-Last Name, First Name-Advisor Last Name-Document type
(example: F17-Smith, John-Concepcion-Final Paper)

Annual Reminders

Has your address changed? Be sure to contact Human Resources and update it in My Account.

Has your family situation changed? Be sure to contact your Administrative Assistant:  W. Sam Stein or Leah Sayre.

Is your faculty page up to date? Want to update or add your photo? Contact a web editor.