CAS | Faculty Guidebooks & Teaching Resources

The College of Arts and Sciences provides a variety of resources for faculty members to assist in teaching and academic student success.

Faculty Guidebooks

Formal Faculty Guidebook revised 8/22/2023
Informal Faculty Guide to Pacific University's College of Arts & Sciences - 2023-2024 Edition
Short-Term Study Abroad Faculty Handbook

Department Chair Guidebooks

Department Chair Handbook revised 8/23/2021

Teaching Resources

Academic Support Request - revised 11/2023* 
*Please be logged in to your PU Net ID to submit any concerns about students' academic engagement for intentional follow up by the academic outreach team. 
Academic Status and Appeals Process
Acceptable Class Times (pdf) - revised 07/2021
CARE Referral Form
Developing Student Learning Outcomes (pdf)
Distressed Student Brochure (pdf)
FERPA Consent for Class Recordings  (Faculty Information about FERPA Consent Recordings)
Freedom of Expression Handbook
Incomplete Grade / Work in Progress Contract Form 
Incomplete or Work-in-Progress Extension Report
Independent Study Contract 
Instructor-Requested Student Drop/Withdrawal Form
Misconduct Policies and Procedures 
Letter of Recommendation Release Form (pdf)
Syllabus Requirements Memo - revised 07/2023
Teaching: Worried About Cutting Content-This Study Suggests It's Ok  (pdf)

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Resources for Teaching in Sciences

American Physical Society: Articles

Boosting the Diversity of US Academic Scientists
Higher Ed Should Lead the Efforts to Reverse Structural Racism
How to Actually Promote Diversity in STEM
Meyerhoff Scholars Program
Reimagining Science
Replicating Meyerhoff - full report
Replicating Meyerhoff Summary

American Physical Society: Books and Reports

Expanding Underrepresented Minority Participation
Holding Fast to Dreams
The Diversity Innovation Paradox in Science
The Empowered University

Additional Articles

An Identification of Indigenous Knowledge Related to the Thermal Physics Concept
Developing Culturally Based Curriculum
Developing Culturally Based Science Curriculum for Native American Classrooms
Einstein, Sacred Science, and Quantum Leaps
History of Science in Non-Western Traditions-Native America-History of Science Society 
How LGBT+ Scientists Would Like to be Included and Welcomed in STEM Workplaces
Native Science Connections Research Project 
On Science, Culture, and Curriculum-Enhancing Native American Participation in Science-Related Fields
Sexual-Minority Students More Likely to Abandon Science Majors
Stepping Up to be a Role Model for LGBTQ Inclusion in Science
‘This Deserves Our Attention.’ New Data Highlight LGBTQ Scientists’ Workplace Challenges

STEM Teaching Video

Freeman Hrabowski-2013
Hrabowski Educator Math and Science