Alumni Association Staff

The staff of the Alumni Association assist all Pacific University alumni. Please contact us at alumni@pacificu.edu with any questions or concerns.

Many alumni who come to see us are visiting the Portland-area and hoping to connect with long-lost friends. We love facilitating those reunions!

We have many opportunities throughout the year to network and assist in the professional development of students. Be sure to check out the upcoming events.

And, of course, we love to hear your stories and share what's going on at the university through Pacific magazine, and at our annual Homecoming and Reunion events.








Martha Calus-McLain '03 

Senior Director of Alumni & Community Engagement
503-352-2764 | martha@pacificu.edu | LinkedIn | Facebook

Katy Kilsdonk '15

Associate Director of Alumni & Community Engagement
503-352-2828 | katy.kilsdonk@pacificu.edu


Elijah Rosenthal

Elijah C. Rosenthal

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
503-352-2144 | elijah.rosenthal@pacificu.edu



Rachel Cadd '12 

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations 
503-352-2969 | rachel@pacificu.edu | LinkedIn

Kylie Hepler '01 

Alumni Relations Coordinator
503-352-2959 | kylie.hepler@pacificu.edu